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What Makes A Witch?

Everybody wants to be a witch. At least it seems so from the communication I receive. I think in the pursuit of becoming the witch, a lot of us get lost in the external things. Before we spend a small fortune on books, tools, herbs, stones and tarot cards (which didn't originate in witchcraft by the way), we need to invest in the internal qualities necessary to be a witch. If you do not have or are not developing these traits within yourself, you will never be a complete witch. This may sound like gatekeeping, (it is, doesn't mean it isn't true). Now, this list isn't complete but if you're working on these things, most everything else should fall into place.

Belief- Witches really do have to believe that just about anything is possible. If we can't do this, the power we need to create our spells and rituals will never be as strong. We also can't fully connect to the spirits we may want to if we lack belief.

Curiosity- The practice of witchcraft can broaden our experience of life. As those new doors open we need to retain that sense of wonder and desire to explore.

Skepticism- This might sound like the opposite of belief but it isn't. You can believe in witchcraft and still research the information you're given to see of it's legit.

Critical Thinking- Similar to skepticism and a lack of it causes so many of us to stumble. We often fail to develop logic and apply analysis to our practice. It is smart to look for mundane connections and include scientific principle in your work. This won't limit your craft.

Discipline- Anything worth having is going to take focus and persistence. Witchcraft is a craft. The craft is work and it takes commitment and order.

Sympathy- This is vital for any animistic spiritual practice and all witchcraft traditions involve animism. Sympathy is also necessary for spellwork because we must be able to connect emotionally with the focus of our workings.

Self-reliance- A lack of it appears to be a growing problem in the witchcraft community. Those with only a casual connection to us do not owe us answers. No one source of information can give us every answer. We will eventually find others who will share their wisdom, but we are responsible for how we learn and apply it to our own paths. This brings me to the next important trait.

Responsibility- We are responsible for EVERYTHING we directly influence in our practice. Claiming this is the only way to step fully into our power. If we can't accept responsibility for what we do or don't do, we aren't witches, we're wannabes.

Courage- We have to be willing to go into that dark place. Witchcraft is supposed to be dark, heretical, political and sometimes scary. If we can't handle the deep personal work and burden of wisdom that comes from these things we will never be witches.

I ask all who read this to consider these words before furthering your path in witchcraft.


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