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Enchanting Beginnings: Ritual for the New Year

Enchanting Beginnings: A Witch's Ritual for the New Year


As the veil between the years thins, we stand on the threshold of a new chapter, eager to immerse ourselves in New Year celebrations. 2023 was rough for a lot of people. Many of us are thinking “I want to see the terms and conditions for 2024 before agreeing to it!”. As witches we have the power and skills to create terms and conditions that suite our personal needs and desires. For those who need a little help, or just some ideas on how to do this, here is a ritual you can take and modify to suit your own practice.


It’s always good to start a new year off with a clean space. This working combines the effort of physically cleaning your home, with a bit of the magical work.


Floor Wash/ Bath Recipe

- 1 package of lemongrass (to banish ill-will and bad luck)

- 1 package of hyssop (for purification and spiritual blessings)

- 1 package of rue (to reset the energy, strip any psychic vibrations that are toxic, and protect)

- 1 package of Rose Petals (for love, healing and compassion) 

- 1 High John Root (for overcoming all obstacles, Blocks and to ensure success of all endeavors)

- 2 cups of white rum or whiskey (this feeds the spirits and also cleanses and uplifts energy. If you can’t get any that’s fine)

- About 10 cups of water that you have prayed over, enchanted or charged. Water is a great purifier and conduit. 



1.  In a pot, bring water to a brisk boil, add lemongrass, hyssop, rue, rose petals, high john and white rum or whiskey.

2.  Infuse these ingredients by simmering over low heat, allowing the mixture to steep and the scents to meld for at least 15 minutes.

3.  Strain the liquid, and set the herbal matter aside, and let the infused liquid cool.

4.    Once cooled use this in your house hold cleaning solutions and even Baths. While you clean and wipe down the surfaces, doorways and the like speak out loud your intentions and focus, staying in the affirmative. No “this year will be….” It’s “Lemongrass makes luck divine, hyssop and rue protect me and mine. The Red Queens password holds the sway that only love shall remain. High John clears the path I stay while Spirits are kept high and strengthens my space. 2024 is mine to control, what I say is what goes.”


Fumitory Herb Blend

Create a blend of dried herbs for prosperity, health, love, and protection. Consider herbs like basil for prosperity, rosemary for health, rose petals for love, and bay leaves for protection. You can also use your favorite incense from Cat & Cauldron, like Van Van for prosperity, luck and protection.

Shields Up! For protection and warding 

Sacred Space for cleansing and to reaffirm the space as yours. 


Sweeping Ritual

Hold a broom with both hands and stand at the entrance of your space. As you sweep, visualize the broom whisking away any negativity or stagnant energy. Chant a simple rhyme:

"By broom's sweet sweep, I banish all ill,

A fresh start, a new year, with magical skill."


Candle Magic and Chants

Place candles around your space, each representing an intention (prosperity, health, love, protection. Chimes are good, but pillars will burn longer and make sure that nothing is missed). Light them and chant:

"Flame of desire, burn bright and true,

Bring prosperity, health, and love anew."


Music for the Ritual

Music is a huge part of pretty much every culture in the world. While you clean and perform the working blast some music you love! It doesn’t need to be any specific type.  Some suggestions might be popular songs from 2023 like –

"Flowers" by Miley Cyrus, this song is great to ensure that you remember that this year you can be independent and powerful. 

"Dance The Night" by Dua Lipa, this song evokes joy, happiness and just a good groove.

"The Eye" by Witchz, this we have found pumps up the energy and power and makes sure your space is all yours. 


As we weave the threads of mundane and magical tradition in witchcraft, let the energies of these New Year spells fill your space with all manner of prosperity. May your 2024 be filled with health, love, peace and happiness.


From The Witches at Cat & Cauldron to you, Happy New Year! 

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