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The Reality of Return to Sender Spells: A Closer Look

Return to sender spells, a practice rooted in centuries-old traditions, have experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent times. In the realm of contemporary magic, these spells are often employed to counteract hexes, curses, or the malevolent influence of the evil eye. However, caution is advised when considering this magical approach, as it can potentially escalate the situation. At Cat & Cauldron, a reluctance towards advocating return to sender spells is based on the understanding that, much like in a game of volleyball, sending negative energy back may intensify the spiritual exchange to undesirable levels.


The rise of return to sender spells has been particularly pronounced in the wake of the modern witch wars on platforms like TikTok. Despite their recent prominence, these spells have deep roots in conjure and root work, where practitioners historically used them as a means of spiritual justice in response to perceived injustices. In these practices, individuals would purify themselves through a spiritual bath and then symbolically transfer the byproduct of the work onto the property of the alleged wrongdoer by taking a portion of bath and dropping it on the property of the target. 


In the context of our contemporary, digitally connected world, the ease of sending negative energy through social media poses new challenges. Before resorting to a return to sender spell, practitioners are advised to engage in divination and seek guidance from professional witches. The inherent bias in personal interpretations, especially during emotionally charged times, emphasizes the importance of consulting objective sources.


The preferred course of action, if under the influence of a hex, curse, or evil eye, is to first remove the affliction. A powerful method involves a spiritual bath or shower using hyssop, accompanied by a prayer or invocation. The process culminates in a smoke cleansing of the home with rosemary and a 7-day ritual with a white candle symbolizing the rebirth of one's power.


Emphasizing secrecy in cleansing and protection work ensures that the source of negativity remains unaware of counteractions. This approach serves a dual purpose: preventing drama from escalating and disempowering those who closely monitor the effects of their malevolent efforts.


At Cat & Cauldron, the focus is on empowering spiritual maturity rather than encouraging high school drama. For those seeking guidance or consultations, practitioners are available at (801) 601-1795 or through the booking page. In the world of modern magic, understanding the nuances of return to sender spells can be the key to navigating the delicate balance between protection and escalation. Happy witching!

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