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It's Pomander Time!

Many people aren’t familiar with pomanders , though they may have seen them. The name come from the old French term ‘apple of amber’. They were once crafted of metal and glass and designed to hold perfumes and herbal remedies. Aristocracy, royalty and even clergy wore them as signs of wealth and importance. Today, we more commonly craft them from citrus fruits. They make excellent prosperity talismans.

You will need 1 medium to large-sized orange, a handful of dried cloves, powdered cinnamon and enough ribbon/cord to tie your pomander and hang it.

Oranges symbolize the Sun and its prosperous energetic manifestation. Cloves are good for power and their spicy scent is associated with wealth. Cinnamon has similar magical associations.

You simply press the cloves through the skin of the orange in a pattern that represents your intent. Sigils, runes, even dollar signs are a good visual focus. Be sure to leave some room to tie your ribbon. When you’ve finished pressing your cloves, sprinkle cinnamon over the pomander as you slowly turn it in your hand. The citric acid of the orange and antimicrobial properties of the cinnamon can help prevent mold. No one wants a moldy pomander. Be sure to focus your intent and push energy into the pomander as you craft it. Set your completed talisman somewhere safe or hang it to allow it to dry. Check it over the coming days to see if it’s molding. If so, throw it out and try again. Your pomander should attract luck and prosperity over the coming year. As the holidays approach in the next year, you can dispose of it and make another.

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