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What Is Manifestation?

Consider manifestation as a process of creating what we want with the right combination of belief, desire, intent and energy. We also need focus. These things are the building blocks of spell work and as a witch that is how I approach manifestation. One quick note on that word for those of you who may struggle with the idea of witchcraft – if you are working with concepts like Law of Attraction or maybe praying to an Abrahamaic god, you are basically doing the same thing witches do when we cast spells, without assuming responsibility for the energies you are potentially manipulating.

Following that, I must restate that manifestation is a process of energetic or spiritual manipulation. Many people view manipulation as a negative or harmful thing, but we manipulate every aspect of life in some way.

How do we manifest? A lot of people get frustrated with this particular spiritual practice when they don’t consciously see the results of their intent. In these moments, it’s important to look back on our process.

1. You have to have belief that situation or thing is possible for you. If you lack belief, even in yourself, you will not be able to manifest.

2. You have to do some shadow work so that you can healthily process feelings of unworthiness and fear. If you don’t know that you are worthy of what you desire, you can’t manifest.

3. You have to connect to the things you want to manifest on a deep emotional level. Emotion is a primal source of power.

4. You have to shape your life around what you are manifesting. This means you need to do the physical work to create what you want. This is another way to build energy. Nothing happens through spiritual intent alone.

5. You have to live as if what you are manifesting is already a reality. Be proactive and make decisions based on where you will be in life with that thing already secured. Do this to the extent you are capable.

6. Complete your manifestation work and revisit it as you must to keep energy flowing, but do not hover, overthink or let doubt and fear into the process. Many people do good manifestation work then banish the very thing they are trying to create by analyzing and worrying.

Happy manifesting!


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