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Witchcraft is political, civil and humanitarian. Recent events in Minneapolis are a stark reminder of how little we've evolved around issues of race and ethnicity. This spell is meant to support other efforts to raise awareness of systemic racism. We should also contact our elected officials, donate to organizations that fight hatred, peacefully protest and vote out those who incite bigotry in our country.



You're going to need:

  • 1 large black candle

  • 5 small white candles

  • Black and White Salt (1 tsp each)

  • A large plate or something that will hold melting wax.

Do this working on a Sunday morning to bring the light of truth and spiritual law to your spell.

Set your plate/candle holder on a sturdy surface.

Place the large black candle in the center of the plate. This represents the inevitable awakening of humanity to the issues of racism.

Mix your black and white salt together until blended. (A mortar and pestle works well.) Salt brings in the strength of the Earth and for this spell, it also offers a form of protection against negative energy and hatred. Sprinkle your salt mixture around the base of the black candle to create a circle.

Place the five small white candles in a symmetric ring around the outside of the salt. These candles represent the people and institutions working against justice.

Take a few moments to raise power. Hover your hands over the central, black candle and push the energy you've gathered into the candle with your intent. You can push energy from your heart center into the candle as well. Transmute any anger or hurt you carry into power and add this to your spell

Use these words or speak your own. Say them out loud and with force. This spell is to protect and bring justice to the PoC in our communities who are still being killed by ignorant bigots:

"Hekate, World Spirit and Goddess of Witches, I call to you! Hear me and bring help to my cause. Admetos, Brimo, Damasandra! Subdue those who harm my brothers and sisters. Let their weapons be turned back against them! Atalos, Geneteira, Pammetor! Protect the betrayed and unjustly punished. Nurture and keep safe those who are outcast."

"George, Ahmaud, Sean, Steven, Terrance, Miles, Botham, Sandra, too many others killed through ignorance and hatred."

Light each white candle in the circle and say "Justice be done!" As the flame rises.

Let the white candles burn completely over the next few hours. Once they have burned down. Light the black candle and allow it to burn down. Its wax should spread and cover the remnants of white wax.

When this candle burns out, give thanks to Hekate and dispose of the spell remains at a nearby crossroads.

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