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Sometimes 'No' Is The Best Answer

I've recently taken up the study of geomancy. I've had a trifling knowledge of this divinatory process for a few years, but a new year has given me incentive to grow. I realize we have yet to complete the current year, but the blur of the holiday season makes November and December almost nonexistent. For me, anyway.

While assembling a geomantic divinatory set, I found myself thinking about the interpretation of the figure Cauda Draconis; the Dragon's Tail. This figure, if formed at the beginning of a reading, tells us no further questions should be asked. The reading should be brought to an abrupt end. I'm familiar with other divinatory systems that include a don't ask, don't tell clause and have always found it funny when my tools give me a strong 'NO' in answer. The Fates do indeed have the right to refuse our very human curiosities. It seems ignorance can and sometimes should be bliss.


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