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Shadow People

People love to share ghost stories this time of year and when that conversation starts it doesn’t take long for someone to mention Shadow People. These particular spirits exist in every culture and because of their proximity to humanity, most of us have had an encounter with a Shadow Person. Because of their appearance and our very mortal fear responses, we don’t usually enjoy these encounters but these spirits are usually harmless. They appear in the way they do because of our physical inability to fully perceive them; our physical, human senses simply can’t take in all the information necessary to process what we experience on a spiritual level. Shadow People aren’t evil. They don’t want to harm you and most often, they won’t even notice you. If you’ve had an encounter with one that seemed like something more personal, it is likely that spirit was simply trying to assert a boundary and to do this, it chose to portray itself as something that could cause fear. This is one of the reasons witches tell people to play nice with other local spirits. Why put them in the position of trying to frighten you?

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