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Rituals in Processes of Transformation

Witches believe humans are multi-faceted beings. The Emotional Body or Soul, Conscious Body or Spirit, Etheric Body, (what we call the aura), and the Physical Body, overlap and merge to create the person we see in the mirror. These diverse aspects of our being must be aligned when we seek to learn and heal. Aligning our Selves is most easily accomplished through creative behavioral patterns and ritual. Rituals give emotional and spiritual energies form. As we consider and plan them we can feel our minds focus. During ritual we engage our hearts and bodies through emotional and physical connection to the process. When they’re complete, our souls are strengthened by the results of our intent and effort. Rituals empower us.

How do we perform empowering rituals? For most this connection happens through daily routine, but it's often good for us to move beyond the mundane and embrace the magical. Consider something as simple as a candle. Most of us take them for granted, but with no other options the light a candle provides can be magical. Candles comprise the four sacred elements in witchcraft. They also represent the four aspects of our being in unity. When we consciously use candles for ritual we invite the help of these elemental powers and center who we are into that moment and into workings of affirmation and manifestation.

Here's a simple ritual to support processes of growth and change.

You will need a bright red pillar candle and holder. Red connects to the primal part of our being and allows us to constructively channel our power.

Create a temporary sanctuary by quieting a room in your home. Dim any other light in the room. Consider recent events that brought you to this moment. Now think of your next steps but don't dwell on this for too long. Look at your candle and speak aloud the details of your current situation. Follow this with acknowledgement of the past. Honor yourself for being both strong and vulnerable when necessary. Thank your candle for illuminating your path.

Light your candle and focus on a future where you have the peace and purpose you desire.

Allow your candle to safely burn all the way down and if there is any residual wax, bury this somewhere near your front door to anchor the intent of your working further into the earth.

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