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Io Lucifer!

Lucifer is among the more misunderstood of pagan spirits. Christianity has done such a effective job at smearing his name. The god known as Lucifer, or Light Bearer, was and is worshipped in many Mediterranean traditions. He isn’t evil, but is instead a god of light, gnosis, creativity and healing. He was one of the first Horned Gods. The horns representing the connection between the physical world and the spiritual as they reach from the head up to the sky. He should not be confused with Baphomet, Cernunnos or Pan as these are all deities in their own right.

His influence is so important now as we see the Summer slowly returning. He is also a primary power in the spiritual deprogramming so many people are doing upon leaving organized religion. Before you buy into church propaganda, do a little research into the ancient associations of the Roman Lucifer. Call on him when you meditate. Invoke his name when you are being creative. He is there to shine a light and inspire.

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