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Communicating With Spirits

Almost everyone is looking for ways to better connect to their spiritual allies. While it might seem daunting or even scary at first, it doesn't need to be. This ability can take determination and focus to develop.

Try this simple process to get started. This needs to be done at least every other day as you begin. Developing this ability is like building a muscle. The more you work it, the stronger it gets. Consistent effort also helps build personal comfort.

1. Start with an effective Grounding practice to make sure your mind is where you need it to be. The biggest problem we have with spirit communication is we cannot quiet the mind.

2. Position your body so that you are comfortable but not likely to fall asleep. Make sure the space around you is quiet.

3. Breathe so you draw air fully down and feel the diaphragm extend. Let your breath become slow and rhythmic.

4. Close your eyes. Removing the focus of the physical senses will help heighten your psychic senses.

5. Align your energy centers beginning with the energy focus in your lower torso. This is your root and it keeps you connected to the physical world. You won't be able to translate your spiritual experiences into your daily, physical life without a solid root. Feel this energy focus as a flowing source of power just below your navel. After a few moments, send this power upward to move into the energy focus in your chest. Let the power stay there for a few minutes while you breath. This is the seat of the soul and emotion. This space helps you to truly hear and understand the spirits. When you're ready send the power upward again into the energy focus in your head. Let the power stay there for a few minutes. This is the seat of the spirit and the way you will logic and reason the communication you receive. Finally, send this power up through the top of your head like a shooting star or rising pillar of power.

6. Ask, out loud, for communication from your spirit allies. Be specific. You don't need to know names at first but it's best to ask for spirits with an existing connection who work to empower and strengthen you.

7. Wait for at least 15 minutes in silence. Keep your mind as quiet as you can. Just be present and listen/sense. It may take a few tries before you get a response you can identify and understand.

8. Document your communication so you can start to build understanding of the personal spiritual language you have with your allies.

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