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Baby Witches?

As witchcraft is becoming more commonly practiced these days, we have seen the birth of a new social media presence known as the baby witch. Newcomers to witchcraft have born many names, some bear weight and very specific meaning, but “baby witch” seems to be more superficial trend than proper title. To most seasoned practitioners, (we just call ourselves witches), this strange term denotes a lack of commitment to the path of the craft.

When I say this I don’t mean to wag a finger and ring the shame bell at a younger witch for using a popular term. However, words carry power and calling oneself a baby witch disregards one’s personal power and also removes any “big witch” responsibility.

Witches knowingly place themselves into positions of power and service to the community and the spirits of the craft. To identify as any kind of witch is to assume the burden of the work involved. In the Wiccan religion, which is a close cousin to traditional witchcraft, the term for someone just beginning their path is Seeker. This term holds more power and respect than Baby Witch. Consider using it instead?

When introducing yourself to other witches as a Baby, we will of course welcome you into the fold and at the same time, we understand that you aren’t yet ready to be trusted with certain knowledge and power. We want to include you more meaningfully in our world, but may hesitate when asked to trust you with any real power.

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