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Energy clearing, consultation and ritual services available


We have a great team of psychics and healers


Take your spiritual practice to the next level with our help

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Your only stop for magical supplies and ritual tools

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Cat & Cauldron is owned and operated by the witches of the Caliguri Coven; a multi-generational collective of seers, healers and spellcasters with knowledge of many paths. We have served the alternatively spiritual community in Utah for over 20 years.
Visit our shop for magical supplies and ritual tools; books, oils, crystals, spell kits, candles, incense, jewelry, cauldrons, tarot and oracle cards, pendulums, spirit boards, runes, tapestries, poppets and statuary. Our herbal apothecary has what you need for any spell. 

Get a reading with one of our skilled psychics. We offer Tarot, Mediumship, Channeling, Fire, Palmistry, Tea Leaf, Aura, Pendulum, Stone, Rune, Past Life, Geomancy, Crystal Ball and Pet Readings.
We also have a great team of healer/practitioners. Healing services include Reiki, Crystal Energy, Drum & Rattle, Sun & Moon and Sound Healing.

Appointments for services are recommended but we do accept walk-ins. Readers are available for private events. Contact us to schedule.

Spell Consultations, Handfastings, Cronings, and other non-denominational ritual services available.

We will also bless and/or energetically clear your home if you suspect a problem entity.

Upcoming Classes & Events

Call the shop at 801-601-1795 for information and to register. You must register to attend. 

          July Classes & Events

07/08 @ 8:00PM     Live Gallery Reading (In-person only)

07/10 @ 3:00PM     Beginner Witch Class

07/11 @ 8:00PM     Full Moon Rite (In-person only)

07/13 @ 7:00PM     Hekate Study Group

07/14 @ 7:00PM     Divination Study Group (In-person only)

07/22 @ 7:00PM     Book of Shadows Class

07/23 @ 7:00PM     The Silent Supper Ritual (In-person only)

07/27 @ 7:00PM     Hekate Study Group

07/29 @ 7:00PM     Fixing Spell Candles Class (In-person only)

07/31 @ 10:00AM   Witch's Mass (In-person only)

07/31 @ 3:00PM     Dragon Drumming Circle (In-person only)       

          August Classes & Events

08/01 @ 7:00PM     Tarot w/ Tabatha Course

08/03 @ 7:00PM     Roman Lucifer Class

08/04 @ 7:00PM     Simple But Powerful - Practical Spellcraft

08/05 @ 7:00PM     Intro to Conjure & Rootwork

08/07 @ 5:30PM     Reiki Certification II (In-person only)

08/10 @ 7:00PM     Hekate Study Group

08/11 @ 8:00PM     Full Moon Rite (In-person only)

08/17 @ 7:00PM     Divination Study Group (In-person only)

08/19 @ 7:00PM     Healer's Gum - Witchy Herbalism (In-person only)

08/25 @ 7:00PM     Astral Travel Course (In-person only)

08/26 @ 7:00PM     Knot Magic w/ Wendy (In-person only)

08/28 @ 10:00AM   Witch's Mass (In-person only)

*You must be taking the course to attend this event.

Visit us on FACEBOOK or call the shop at 801-601-1795 for more information. 

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1922 West 4700 South, Taylorsville, Utah 84129


The shop is open weekdays 11 AM-8 PM.

Sundays 11 AM-5 PM.

Closed Tuesdays. 

Holiday hours may vary.

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